The Genealogy of Yerachmiel and Etie Bark

Yerachmiel Bark was born in 1864 in Berezovka, then part of Imperial Russia and nowadays a city in the Ukraine. He married circa 1885 his cousin, Etie nee Slovesnick, born in 1870 either in Berezovka or Odessa, the child of Leah Barg (Yerakhmiel’s aunt) and Simkhe Slovesnick.

Yerachmiel and Etie Bark

This branch of the family had a special spelling for their surname BARK, later some of it’s members changed the spelling into BARCK.

Familiar tradition was that this was the result of a clerical error in one of their documents although rumor went that the change was made in order to avoid conscription to the Czar Army.

Yerakhmiel and Etie left Russia for Argentina in the early twenties with four of their children, and settled in Moises Ville (province of Santa Fe).

Their second child, daughter Sheive, was already married to a fellow Berezovker (Solomon Glatt) and they emigrated instead to the USA.

At the arrival to Ellis Island on Apr 19, 1922 the Glatts gave Yerakhmiel’s address in Berezovka as voucher, therefore it’s safe to asume Yerakhmiel didn’t emigrate to Argentina prior to this date.

A family gossip tells that Yerachmiel wished to go to the USA himself but couldn’t get a permit, while emigration to Argentina was automatically granted due to the fact that he had family there (his brother Shaie Barg who had emigrated in 1905 and Aunt Jane, the earliest Barg to emigrate to Argentina, back in late XIX century, as well as some cousins (Isaias Barg for example) and was therefore eligible for automatic citizenship.

Yerachmiel was a fabric dyer and had a shop in Moises Ville.

Later he moved to Buenos Aires where he died on the 8 day of Marhesvan 5688, 22 October 1928, and is buried in the Liniers Cemetery. His wife Etie survived him by 14 years and died on the 3 of Kislev 5702 (December 12, 1942) and is buried in the same grave.

Following is a list of their descendants. Preceding their name, a number stating which generation they are starting from Yerachmiel and Etie.

Members whose e mail are known have been hyper linked (in blue). Biographical notes are given only on deceased members.

You can “jump” directly to the trees of their five children: Simche (named after Etie’s father), Shirley (Sheive) probably named after her parents common grandfather Shaie, Manie, Yakov (Yankl) and Nahum.

(2) Simja-Simkha-Simón BARCK [24.1.1893-2.4.1949] & Eva BARG de BARCK [11.6.1894-26.1.1976] Simkha was born Jan 24 1893 in Berezovka.

As a youngster he learned the trade of photography, then a complicated subject since everything (from emulsions and plates to developing and printing) had to be done manually.

His teacher was an Armenian craftsman from Odessa.

Eva (Yeva), born in Odessa on June 26 1894, was his second cousin both from her maternal and paternal side. She was the twenty first child of Zelig Barg, the owner of a large grocery store in Odessa. Her mother, Reitse, was Zelig’s second wife and the sister of his deceased first wife.

After the First Wife death, Zelig was left a widower with 10 (or 11?) children. His sister in law married him and bore him 10 more. Eva was born near her father’s 67 birthday!. As a young girl, Eva worked in her father’s store.

Simkha had an accident at the age of 18, fracturing his femur. In those days this was a life threatening situation. After he recovered they got married (around 1913). It seems that the couple had an earlier child then Mario, that died in infancy. Simkha and Eva fled Russia in 1922. They traveled through Romania (were their son Shloime was born) and eventually arrived to Argentina on board the SS ZEELANDIA.

They settled in Moises Ville but after some years moved to Buenos Aires, first to the Province (Puente Alsina) and later to the City.

Simkha was killed in a road accident on the 2 April 1949, in the city of La Plata, on his way to Mike Yedlin’s wedding.

He was buried in Liniers but when his widow emigrated to Israel, his remains were reburied in Kibbutz Mefallesim in Israel. Eva died on January 26 1976 while visiting her daughter’s family in Brazil. Her remains were also repatriated and she lies by his side in the Kibbutz

  • 3 Mario BARCK 10.3.1919-10.8.1971 m. Teresa Stein BARCK b. 17.10.1922
    • Dr Rebeca Barck RAIJMAN b. 3.9.1951 m. Benjamin Osvaldo RAIJMAN b. 10.11.1950
      • 5 Laura Daniela RAIJMAN b. 1.10.1979
      • 5 Dario Ariel RAIJMAN b. 15.12.1981
    • 4 Simon Jose (Pichi) BARCK b. 29.3.1953 m. Beatriz Loretti BARCK
      • 5 Damian Uriel BARCK b. 13.9.1977
      • 5 Jonathan BARCK b. 9.7.1980
      • Yoel Sacha BARCK b. 13.8.1982
      • 5 Shai Dorian BARCK b. 30.5.1988
  • 3 Shlomo BARAK b. 16.1.1922-12.7.2001 m. Zila Plucki b. 20.11.1929
    • 4 Roni Amir BARACK b. 25.2.1952 m. Dona Sue Moore (Finkelstein) b. 14.6.1956
      • 5 Oren Chaim BARACK b. 22.1.1989
      • 5 Austin Dean (Zvi Biniamin) BARACK b. 1.2.1991
      • 5 Yona BARACK b. 3.10.1999
    • 4 Shoshana Barck GUDERNA b. 26.2.1954 m. Robert GUDERNA b. 13.9.1951
      • 5 Kim GUDERNA b. 26.6.1989
      • 5 Kelly GUDERNA b. 30.4.1997
    • 4 Iris Noemi Barck MONTUELLE b. 10.2.1957 m. Michel Eric MONTUELLE b. 10.2.1958
      • 5 Laure Danielle MONTUELLE b. 18.11.1990
    • 4 Elizabeth Ruth BEN-DROR b. 30.1.1962 m. Ilan Pascal BEN-DROR b. 25.7.1957
      • 5 Yonatan BEN-DROR b. 10.9.1984
      • 5 Ran BEN-DROR b. 5.11.1987
      • 5 Karin BEN-DROR b. 5.11.1987
  • Dr Zelik Cecilio BARAK b. 18.9.1923 m. Kuke (Raquel Lea) MAURER b. 26.6.1928 [daughter of Yosef (Jose) MAURER and Paulina TAJMAN MAURER]
    • Shimon BARAK b. 10.7.1950 m. Ruty HOLZMAN BARAK b. 20.3.1951 [daughter of Moshe HOLZMAN and Sara Silberstein HOLZMAN]
    • Reuben BARAK b. 25.9.1953 Anat ZAHOR b. 12.5.1962 [daughter of Aharon ZAHOR and Haya Clara Eliash ZAHOR]
      • 5 Roni ZAHOR-BARAK b. 28.3.1991
      • 5 Noy ZAHOR-BARAK b. 5.11.1995
      • 5 Tom ZAHOR-BARAK b. 12.7.1997
    • Yehuda BARAK b. 10.6.1955 m. Guila MOALEM BARAK b. 16.12.1962 [daughter of Ezra SHLOMO MOALEM and Louisa HAWI MOALEM]
      • 5 Adi BARAK b. 18.9.1984
      • 5 Asaf BARAK b. 18.10.1986
      • 5 Elad BARAK b. 7.11.1989
  • 3 Rosa Barck NAROSKY b. 25.5.1925 m. Adelino NAROSKY b. 20.4.1917
  • 3 Chiche Rogelia Barck BENEDYKT b. 18.3.1930 m. Siegwart Shmuel BENEDYKT LICHTENFELD b. 14.4.1929 [son of Alfred BENEDYKT and Gertrud LICHTENFELD BENEDYKT]
    • 4 Samy Simon BARCK BENEDYKT b. 2.9.1951 m. Liamara de Maria BENEDYKT b. 15.4.1954
    • 4 Jose Miguel BARCK BENEDYKT b. 6.12.1953 m. Noemy Ostrovsky BENEDYKT b. 24.6.1955
      • 5 Roni Max BENEDYKT b. 11.6.1981
      • 5 David Andres BENEDYKT b. 2.2.1984
      • Breno BENEDYKT b. 4.1.1988
    • Herman BARCK BENEDYKT b. 27.8.1955

2 Shirley (Sheive) GLATT 11.4.1904-1.12.1985 m. Solomon GLATT 8.4.1901- 29.1.1996 arrived Apr 19, 1922 to Ellis Island on board the S.S. OLYMPIC 

  • 3 Dr Bernard GLATT 4.6.1922-6.10.1999 m. Hellen GLATT b. 31.8.1920
  • Dr Benjamin GLATT b. 27.1.1926 m. Evelyn GLATT b. 17.9.1928
    • Lesly VAN DAME b. 12.2.1956 m. William (Bill) VAN DAME b. 1.10.1954
    • Sandra GLATT b. 16.6.1957 m. Terry GIETL b. 17.5.1960
      • 5 Griffin GLATT DOWD b. 22.9.1985
      • 5 Dillon GLATT DOWD b. 26.3.1987
      • 5 Tatum GIETL b. 18.7.1998

2 Manie YEDLIN 25.5.1906-16.9.1976 m. Abraham YEDLIN 14.10.1904-22.6.1990 [son of Marcos Mordje YEDLIN and Reitse RESNICK YEDLIN]

  • 3 Mike (Yerakhmiel) YEDLIN 18.6.1929-24.9.1992 m. Yafa Mitsmacher YEDLIN b. 19.8.1929
    • 4 Yaara YEDLIN PREMINGER 26.5.1951-13.10.1988 m. Shuki PREMINGER b. 2.6.1951 [son of Moshe Preminger and Clara Preminger]
      • 5 Omer PREMINGER b. 18.8.1976
      • 5 Alon PREMINGER b. 25.8.1982
    • 4 Noa YEDLIN HASSID b. 10.1.1957 m. Guilad HASSID b. 12.2.1957 [son of Dov HASSID and Yona HASSID]
      • 5 Netta HASSID b. 24.10.1984
      • 5 Shira HASSID b. 16.3.1987
      • 5 Carmel HASSID b. 7.11.1995
    • Gil YEDLIN b. 3.12.1963 m. Dikla NADOR YEDLIN b. 18.7.1966 [daughter of Uri and Pnina NADOR]
      • 5 Yeela YEDLIN b. 28.8.1994
      • 5 Elad YEDLIN b. 9.1.1998
  • 3 Itke LEVISMAN 27.3.1932-15.3.1978 m. Cesar LEVISMAN b. 3.3.1929
    • 4 Guiora Levisman LAVI 16.11.1951-25.2.2004 m. Perla Scheindelman b. 24.9.1960
      • 5 Maayan Lavi b. 9.5.1981
      • 5 Lian LAVI b. 24.5.1984
      • 5 Stav LAVI b. 16.7.1987
    • 4 Edi LEVISMAN b. 20.5.1956 m. Julieta TOBON b. 21.2.1955
      • 5 Sean LEVISMAN b. 20.9.1982
      • 5 Adrian LEVISMAN b. 2.10.1988
    • Nurit LEVISMAN ZEIRA b. 22.3.1960 m. Gadi ZEIRA b. 2.7.1959 [son of Menachem Zeira and Neomi ZEIRA]
      • 5 Nof ZEIRA b. 14.10.1991
      • 5 Ofek ZEIRA b. 3.4.1995
      • 5 Arbel ZEIRA b. 14.1.1999
  • 3 Mordechai (Mota) YEDLIN b. 24.8.1934 m. Ines Yehudit MALAMUD YEDLIN b. 9.4.1939 [daughter of Jacobo MALAMUD and Sara MALAMUD]
    • 4 Monica YEDLIN KOVETZ b. 19.11.1960 m. Ori KOVETZ b. 20.1.1958 [son of Zvi KOPOZISKY KOVETZ and Aliza GUTMAN]
      • 5 Hed KOVETZ b. 7.10.1986
      • 5 Zlil KOVETZ b. 16.4.1989
      • 5 Inbal KOVETZ b. 1.9.1994
    • Rinat YEDLIN b. 9.11.1965

2 Jacobo Yankel Luis BARCK 7 Jul 1911-24 Nov 1978 m. Adela ARONSON, Living,  daughter of Jose Abel ARONSON and Bashe ABELIANSKI

  • 3 Dr Raul BARK b. 09.07.1942 m. Maria Ines LAGE BARCK 
    • 4 Sebastian BARCK b. 03.09.1972 
    • 4 Martin Alejandro BARCK b. 14.05.1974 
    • 4 Diego Antonio BARCK b. 03.02.1976 
    • 4 Agustin Leandro BARCK b. 25.06.1977 
    • 4 Florencia Andrea BARCK b. 10.05.1979 
    • 4 Pablo Javier BARCK b. 27.11.1980 
    • 4 Debora Carolina BARCK b. 26.04.1985
  • 3 Dr Eduardo Rogelio BARCK b. 11.09.1943 m. Lucia CICARELLI BARCK
    • 4 Lisandro BARCK b. 1976
    • 4 Cecilia BARCK b. 1979
    • 4 Valeria BARCK b. 1980
  • 3 Dr Armando Benjamin BARCK b. 27.08.1946 m. Hilda Juana GOMEZ BARCK
    • Marcelo Andres BARCK b. 12.09.1977 m Mariana Laura Tuzziani
      • 5 Melissa BARCK b. 1997
    • 4 Natalia BARCK b. 1979
    • 4 Federico Luis BARCK b. 1981
    • 4 Mariana BARCK b. 1983
    • 4 Gabriela BARCK b. 1984
    • 4 Liliana BARCK b. 1986
    • 4 Nicolas BARCK b. 1987
    • 4 Daniela BARCK b. 1988
    • 4 Alejandro BARCK b. 1995
  • 3 Sergio Alberto BARCK b. 01.04.1947 m. Silvana YANICELLI BARCK
    • 4 Abel BARCK b. 1986
    • 4 Agusto BARCK b. 1987
    • 4 Julia BARCK b. 1992
    • 4 Gustavo BARCK b. 1996

2 Najum BARAK 18.8.1912-26.7.1975 m. Sara Lidia Singer BARAK 12.2.1910-26.1.1992 [daughter of Bentsion Meir SINGER and Chava (Eva) SKIDELSKY]Nakhum Barak (or Naum, as he was called by all the family) was a Khazn (Cantor) and after making Alyah to Israel he worked as secretary to the Religious Council of the city of Acco until his premature death at the age of 63 years. Aunt Sara was a decendant of one of the first “Colonos” of Moisesville.

  • Malca Fany BARCK FRIDMAN b. 1.1.1932 m. Menashe FRIDMAN 23.8.1931-30.8.1985
    • 4 Hagai Bezalel FRIDMAN b. 8.4.1958 m. Yael GARTY FRIDMAN m. 3.9.1991
      • 5 Rahel FRIDMAN b. 27.12.1992
      • 5 Yehuda FRIDMAN b. 2.4.1995
      • 5 Mordechai FRIDMAN b. 20.5.1997
    • 4 Avital FRIDMAN b. 22.8.1960 m. Hagai ZAMIR b. 15.11.1950
      • 5 Doron ZAMIR b. 1.3.1986
      • 5 Shai ZAMIR b. 13.6.1990
    • 4 Uziel FRIDMAN b. 22.9.1968 m. Rachel BEN ATYA FRIDMAN m. 21.9.1992
      • 5 Omri FRIDMAN b. 19.10.1993
      • 5 Adi FRIDMAN b. 11.6.1997
  • 3 Rahel BARCK BIRMAN b. 1934 m. Aharon BIRMAN 1934-1998
    • 4 Shlomo Zalman BIRMAN b. 1960 m. Yael Ron BIRMAN b. 1960
      • 5 Ayelet BIRMAN b. 1990
    • 4 Mordechai BIRMAN MOR b. 1960
  • 3 Isidor Naftali Herzl BARAK b. 1937 m. Evelyn Kuke BARAK b. 1938
    • 4 Shimon BARAK b. 1967

Dr. Shimon Bark

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    Hola, soy Gustavo Barck (ahora Barak ya que me he mudado a Israel y mi apellido fue cambiado) nací el 19 de octubre del 1995 o el 25 de Tishrei de 5756, hijo del doctor Sergio Alberto Barck nacido el 1 de abril de 1957 o el 29 de Adar II de 5717. Soy Nieto de Jacobo Barck y bisnieto de Yerahmiel Barg. he colaborado bastante con el árbol genealógico de la familia en la pagina web y tengo en mi posesión muchos documentos de la familia, como por ejemplo el pasaporte en ese entonces de Rusia con el cual mi bisabuelo Yerahmiel y su hijo (mi abuelo) Jacobo llegaron a la argentina, conozco bastante del tema, pero me gustaría seguir aprendiendo, hoy por hoy resido en Beersheva, Israel, para seguir intercambiando datos y completar y mejorar el árbol genealógico me haría muy feliz poder contactarme con cualquiera de ustedes, mi mail es
    PD: Toda mi familia y yo les enviamos a todo aquel pariente que lea esto saludos y un cálido abrazo.

    Hello, I am Gustavo Barck (now Barak since I have moved to Israel and my last name has been changed) I was born on October 19, 1995 or Tishrei 25, 5756, son of Dr. Sergio Alberto Barck born on April 1, 1957 or on Adar II 29, 5717. I am a grandson of Jacobo Barck and a great-grandson of Yerahmiel Barg. I have collaborated a lot with the family tree on the website and I have in my possession many family documents, such as the Russian passport at the time with which my great-grandfather Yerahmiel and his son (my grandfather ) Jacobo arrived in Argentina, I know a lot about the subject, but I would like to continue learning, today I live in Beersheva, Israel, to continue exchanging data and complete and improve the family tree, it would make me very happy to be able to contact any of you, my email is
    PS: All my family and I send greetings and a warm hug to all relatives who read this.

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